Quote of the Day

[Content Note: White supremacy; privilege.]

"The video of this part-time Nazi, this junior secessionist, is a perfect portrait of the very white privilege the so-called 'alt-right' decries as liberal fiction. White privilege isn't just an easy bank loan or the cumulative effects of discriminatory housing policy. It's also the privilege to disappear. The privilege to terrorize a community and return to your regular life with the ease of peeling off a polo shirt."—CJ Hunt, writing for GQ about a video he shot of a young white man in Charlottesville who got separated from the group of white supremacists with whom he was demonstrating, so he took off his identifying shirt to conceal his ideology, as he tried to blend in with protestors chanting "Black Lives Matter."

Head on over to watch the video and/or read the whole thing.

[H/T to Eastsidekate.]

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