My Favorite Eclipse Stuff

There was a lot of great, clever, beautiful, and/or hilarious stuff created during and about the solar eclipse yesterday. In no particular order, my Top Five Favorite Eclipse Things:

1. This extraordinary time-lapse photo of the eclipse created by photographer Jasman Mander.

2. This solar eclipse recreation with pug puppies.

Video Description: A fawn pug puppy is held in the air by a person off-screen. From the right side of the screen, a black pug puppy is moved through the air by another person, in front of the fawn pug puppy.
3. This tweet from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

4. Rae's perfect comment on Trump looking straight at the eclipse.

5. This OMG LOLOLOLOLOLOL supercut of Fox News' Shep Smith giving zero fucks about the eclipse, compiled by the Washington Free Beacon, via Jessie.

Video Description: Video clips of Shep Smith sarcastically covering the solar eclipse, which really doesn't impress him. Sometimes he is onscreen making exasperated and sardonic faces while speaking; other times, it is only his voice over eclipse-related images, whether of the eclipse itself or people watching the eclipse, etc. [ETA Content Note: Racist dogwhistle.]

This is Total Eclipse of the Sun Watch Twenty-Seventeen on Fox News Channel. The excitement must be building and building, like fireworks! [edit] If I put this here, and my phone here, I have a total eclipse of the phone! [edit] Fascinating! It's amazing! Oh my god the moon has gotten in front of the—! Well, okay. I don't know. It's interesting-looking. The sun looks a little like the moon up there on my wall. [edit]

If you mention it, you gotta sing it. [sings] Where the deer and the antelope playyyyyyy....! [edit] WOW! Would you look at that?! IT'S A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN! [edit] They know this is all it's gonna be, right? Just a moon over a sun? [edit] Oh, the sun's coming back now. Oh my goodness. That didn't last long. [edit]

Yoo hoo! I wanna hear more! [edit] No, 'cause now you can look at the thing! It's covered so YOU CAN LOOK AT IT! OH MY GOD! [edit] The sun is returning! Jalapeña! [edit] How was it? Response: "Weird." "Dark." "Cold." Another "dark." "Amazing." "I love nature." "Amazing." "I'm gonna die now." And we hope that doesn't happen! [edit]

Wanna see a total eclipse of this monitor? [holds paper in front of camera] It's totally eclipsed. [edit] Well, we're having a good time, too. And there's some people who think we should take this a little more seriously, on the Twitter. [edit] Because, for us, this is just a lotta fun. We've been watching the path of totality— [runs toward large board showing path of totality; a producer gets caught on camera] You can catch D.C. on screen if you run. [edit]

Do you know that it goes [convulses] buzz buzz buzz like old NASA stuff from the seventies whenever you move around? It's 'cause of the sun! [edit] And then over on MSNBC, it's just—it's just sorta dark and vacant. [edit] They're not gonna have a—what is it?! [the crew murmurs unenthusiastically: "Total eclipse of the sun."] Not a total eclipse of the sun down in— [cracks himself up; edit]

The sun is 400 times larger than the moon. But the sun is 400 times farther away from us than the moon. Which works together nicely. [edit] So, here, it's a little darker than usual, but, uh, it's not, like, dark. [edit] According to one legend from ancient China [does Trump impression] CHI-NA! people were scared that a dragon might eat the sun. Which is always something to consider. [edit]

How was it?! Was it everything?!
Please feel welcome and encouraged to share your favorite eclipse stuff in comments! And don't be shy about self-promoting: If you created something cool, got a neat photo, said something hilarious...toot your own horn!

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