Mueller Scrutinizes Trump's Role in Cover-Up; GOP Rep Floats Plan to Defund Probe

While Republicans like John Danforth try to pretend that Donald Trump is an anomaly of Republican politics, the rest of his party continues to expose them as the mendacious fools they are by carrying water for Trump.

Nicole Lafond at TPM: GOP Representative Puts Forward Proposal to Kill Mueller Probe. "Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has put forward a provision that would make deep cuts to resources committed to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into [Donald] Trump's campaign and its ties to Russian officials, Politico reported. ...The proposal would end funding for the investigation within six months of passage and would prohibit the probe from touching any event that occurred before June 2015, when Trump launched his campaign."

This, just as Mueller's team zeroes in on Trump's role in the cover-up of his son's meeting with Russians.

Julia Ainsley and Tom Winter at NBC News: Mueller Team Asking If Trump Tried to Hide Purpose of Trump Tower Meeting. "Federal investigators working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller are keenly focused on [Donald] Trump's role in crafting a response to a published article about a meeting between Russians and his son Donald Jr., three sources familiar with the matter told NBC News. The sources told NBC News that prosecutors want to know what Trump knew about the meeting and whether he sought to conceal its purpose."

If Trump believes, as he claims, that he's done nothing wrong, then he should be keen for a thorough investigation to exonerate him. And if Republicans believe, as they claim, that Trump has done nothing wrong, then they, too, should be eager to provide resources to Mueller and his team to eradicate the specter of doubt over their party's president, once and for all.

They can't possibly be concerned about the cost to taxpayers. Not when the president has cost taxpayers ungodly sums traveling to his own properties to play golf. Not when something as serious as collusion with a foreign adversary needs answers.


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