An Observation

image of Hillary Clinton looking at Donald Trump during a debate with an 'OMG' look on her face, to which I have added text reading: 'OH GODDDDDDDDD THIS FUCKING GUY.'

Hey, you know how lots of people say shit about how it's supposedly impossible to tell what the Democrats stand for, because all they do is oppose Donald Trump? Which is a variation on the theme that Hillary Clinton lost the election because she "talked about Trump too much" and made her campaign all about him?

Trump is a villainous nightmare. He is an authoritarian white supremacist who is actively working to turn this nation into a police state. He is a destabilizing force around the globe, imperiling billions of people.

If all the Democrats talk about is Donald Trump, FINE. If all Hillary Clinton had talked about was Donald Trump and the threat he posed to us all, that would have been PLENTY.

What I know when I hear people complain about anyone talking too much about Trump is that they definitely aren't talking about him enough.

Which I say as someone who would like very much never to write another word about him, listen to him, look at him, or think about him again for the rest of my days.

But I know how important it is that we do. Even though it is hard. Because it is hard.

Dismissing people who warned us urgently about Trump did not work out so well. I see no reason why anyone would want to repeat such a grim mistake.

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