WTF Is This?

[Content Note: Misogyny; white supremacy.]

Actual Headline: "In defense of the white male."

Actual Paragraph from This Actual Article Actually Published by the Boston Globe in the Year of Our Lord Jesus Jones Two Thousand and Seventeen:
It's not hard to argue that white men have done more harm in history — from the keeping of slaves to the genocide of Native Americans, and a thousand other examples — than any other single group. But it can also be argued that they have done more good — in combatting evil regimes, in developing medicines, in inventing everything from the automobile to the cellphone to various methods of birth control. White men discovered penicillin, Novocain, the drug regimen used to treat people afflicted with AIDS. In many places the chances are good that if your home is on fire, it will be a white man who comes to put it out. And, if it were not for the millions of white men who gave their lives in World War II, we might all be starting the work day with the Nazi salute.
Someone remind me: Were any of the Nazis white men?

"In defense of the white male." One hundred and sixty-seven days into the presidency of a white man, the successor of a Black president and defeater of a female rival, who endeavors in every way to roll back equality for people who are not straight, white, cisgender, able-bodied, Christian, wealthy white men.

Fuck off.

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