Trump Is a Terrible President — and a Terrible Boss

Donald Trump has been increasingly annoyed with Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation. In other words: Sessions did the ethical thing, and Trump considers that a breach of loyalty.

Now, because Trump would rather bully someone into quitting instead of just having the professionalism, maturity, and decency to fire them, he's waging a public humiliation campaign against Sessions.

His morning tweetshitz included this attack:

Which has naturally led to headlines like this one in the Washington Post: Trump Leaves Sessions Twisting in the Wind While Berating Him Publicly.

And this leak from the White House ended up at Axios: "Trump, in one of his hallmark rituals, recently called a longtime political associate and asked out of the blue: 'What would happen if I fired Sessions?'"

None of this is making Senate Republicans happy, since they all love their former colleague Sessions. (Which is a whole other story, but.) Not that they'll do anything about it, except for make vaguely grumpy noises, but even that pathetic show is more than usual.

Trump's treatment of Sessions is already making it tough to identify a replacement. After Rudy Giuliani's name was floated, he contradicted Trump "by saying Sessions was right to recuse himself from matters related to the 2016 campaign and Russian meddling therein." So he clearly doesn't want the job.

Then Senator Ted Cruz's name [video may autoplay at link] was floated, but he issued a statment backing Sessions, so he clearly doesn't want the job, either. (That said, Cruz has about as much integrity as a burst balloon, so we'll see.)

And Trump's churlish behavior is having ripple effects throughout his administration, with Rex Tillerson [video may autoplay at link] reportedly "growing increasingly frustrated with the Trump administration and could quit before the year is through."

All of this is going to make it even more difficult to fully staff the administration, which, six months in, still isn't fully staffed. And the people who they hire will be unqualified clowns, because no serious people with serious credentials want to tank their professional reputations working for this shitshow.

Conservatives have long said they want to destroy the federal government. Well, it looks like their wish is finally going to come true, care of Trump's comprehensive incompetence, impulsiveness, and cowardice.

I don't think any of us are truly prepared for the consequences of what is an imminent collapse of governance, if Trump is not swiftly removed from office.

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