The Friday Blogaround

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Recommended Reading:

Gabby Bess: [Content Note: Rape; war on agency; revictimization] Rape Victims Must Notify Their Rapist Before Getting an Abortion in Arkansas

Andy Towle: [CN: Homophobia] Jeff Sessions Told Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group That New 'Religious Freedom' Guidance Is Coming

Eliza Newlin Carney: The Federal Election Commission's Moment of Truth

Spencer Sunshine: [CN: Islamophobia; eliminationist hatred] Islamophobia Is the Glue That Unites Diverse Factions of the Far Right

Dave Zirin: [CN: Misogynoir; deadly car accident; police misconduct] Venus Williams, a Car Accident, and the Outrageous Police Response

Ragen Chastain: [CN: Fat hatred; body policing] Dress for the Body I Have? Done!

Imran Siddiquee: Making Room for Diverse Voices with the Duplass Brothers

Rae Paoletta: Hagfish Slime Is Wonderful

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