What in Fat-Hating Hell Is This?

[Content Note: Fat hatred.]

image of a billboard advertising a new animated Snow White movie, featuring a thin Snow White and a fat Snow White with text reading: 'What if Snow White was no longer beautiful and the 7 Dwarfs not so short?'
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The ubiquitous narrative that fat is axiomatically ugly is something about which I have already written at length. (Go read it!) Suffice it to say here, that is some rank horseshit, and the fact that this narrative is being regurgitated so explicitly for the promotion of a children's movie is appalling.

And it's not just the marketing: At Celebitchy, Kaiser's got a clip from the film which shows two of the dwarves (?) hiding out in Snow White's house when she comes home. She first appears thin, dressed in a formal gown and high-heeled shoes. The dwarves are all hubba hubba. Then she takes off the dress and shoes and is suddenly fat. (And belching, because of course.) The dwarves are horrified.

So, it's pretty clear that fat = grotesque is a central narrative of the film.

There's a pretty good chance that this film follows the trajectory of what I call Deathbed Confession Cinema, where everyone is invited to spend two hours horrified by and laughing at the protagonist for being less than in some way, only to arrive at a conclusion where we learn that said protagonist is a neat-o person who deserves love, too. Or whatever.

Or maybe this movie doesn't even make that effort! Maybe Snow White's magic shoes just eventually turn her into a real thin girl!

Who knows. Who cares. Fuck this movie and everyone involved in it.

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