Take Action Against Trumpcare

The most recent polling on House Republicans' version of Trumpcare is abysmal: "Just 16 percent of adults believe that House health care bill is a good idea, versus 48 percent who say it’s a bad idea." So just wait until everyone gets a good look at the Senate version, which is even worse.

I have never, in all my days, seen either party so arrogantly pursue legislation that was so wildly unpopular. It's almost like the Republicans know they won't have to answer to voters next year. Which is a pretty terrifying thought.

But as of right now, as far as we know, they still will have to answer to voters next year, so let us all take the time today to make calls, send faxes, compose emails, craft tweets, whatever it takes to communicate with our Republican Senators (if we have the misfortune of being represented by one or two of them) and let them know in no uncertain terms that they will not have our votes if they vote for this disgusting piece of legislation.

Work those teaspoons, Shakers!

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