One Party Overwhelmingly Believes in Democracy. The Other, Not So Much.

Can you guess which is which? I bet you can!

Pew Research Center has found that 84 percent of Democrats agree with the statement "Everything possible should be done to make it easy for every citizen to vote."

Among people who identify as independents, 57 percent agree.

And only 35 percent of Republicans agree.

That is appalling. Especially in light of this finding: "The right to vote is deeply valued by the public: An overwhelming 91% say that they consider the right to vote as essential to their own personal sense of freedom."

And yet they would deny that right to other people.

Because the Republican Party doesn't just fail to do everything possible to make it easy for every citizen to vote; they actively work to prevent people from voting.

Voting is dignity. And one of the two major parties believes overwhelmingly that not every citizen is owed that dignity.


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