I Am So Done with This Covfefe

He knew exactly what he was doing. And I am fed up to the teeth with the idea that a 70-year-old billionaire who ascended to the presidency while shouting that he knew more about everything than any politician in the entirety of Washington, D.C., didn't know it was wrong to tell the Director of the FBI to shitcan his investigation of someone in that president's administration.


I'm tired of Donald Trump being held to lower standards than I was as a tiny child.

I was born a girl, and I quickly became a big sister, and so my entire childhood was filled with "you should know better," even when there's no way I possibly could have.

I was constantly scrambling to figure out how to respect rules and meet expectations that had never been clearly articulated to me. I was just expected to know.

And when I finally figured out one set of rules, I was met with another, often conflicting set of rules, because, like every other woman on the planet, my life has been shaped with rules designed to ensure my failure—the Can't Fucking Win List.

Trump has faced no such arbitrary and impossible rules in his life. All he has to know is the very fucking basics. Things like, "If you're president, don't obstruct an FBI investigation."

I don't believe for a second that he doesn't know that rule. Instead, what is clear is that Trump is so used to even the most basic rules not applying to him, because of his immense privilege, that he figured none of the rules do.

He thought he could get away with breaking this obvious rule. And that is fundamentally not the same thing as being unaware that it exists.

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