Can't F#@king Win

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton appeared at the tech conference CodeCon for an interview. Naturally, this prompted a whole new round of the Hillary Clinton Can't Fucking Win game in the press.

I did two short threads on Twitter, which I combined into a single moment, for those who would like to read it: The Hillary Can't F#@king Win Game.

I will note that, once again, Clinton did say during the interview that she took responsibility for the things that went wrong in her campaign. You wouldn't know it from the criticism she's getting.

The fact is, there are things that contributed to her loss which were within her control, and things that weren't. And no matter how many times she flatly states ownership and responsibility of the things within her control, every time she talks about the things that weren't (when she is asked about them), she is lambasted for "blaming everyone else but herself." That is mendacious in the extreme.

And there's something particularly ugly about a political press who are publicly patting themselves on the back for their "big scoops" about Trump's ties to Russia simultaneously shredding Clinton for talking about Russian interference, especially when she warned us.

About Russia and much, much more.

UPDATE: The full transcript of her interview is available here.

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