The GOP Has Become an Enemy of the State

Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate in the Montana special election, who physically attacked Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, has won the election.

I cannot put this any more plainly: The Republican Party has become an enemy of the state. And it is not sudden. This is a trajectory on which they've been for a very long time, and we are witnessing its grotesque endgame.

There is no good-faith read on the GOP that concludes they are merely a party with a different, but equally patriotic, vision of this nation. That ship sailed decades ago. They are actively seeking to destroy democratic institutions and norms, annihilate vulnerable populations, and center abuse and neglect in their policy-making.

The United States is not a perfect country—far from it. But it is a far better country than the Republican Party wants it to be.

And if we are to save that which is right with this country, the things worth saving, then the GOP must be stopped. We must resist them with everything we've got.

Before we're left with nothing at all.

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