Where's Obama?

Where in the world is President Obama? I don't mean where he is, literally. As far as I know, he's still on a beautiful island somewhere, writing a book, taking breaks to hang-glide through the arches of rainbows and ride a unicorn to a clear, temperate pool of restorative elixir that will return a dozen of the 20 years of life he lost trying to run this country while being haunted by the specter of a grim-faced Mitch McConnell mouthing the words "No chance" and reeking of sulfur.

I mean where he is in the discussions of the future of the Democratic Party. Three months ago, he left office a popular president with significant policy achievements under his belt, having made history and rescued the nation from the brink of economic collapse.

But, to listen to a number of the folks talking about the future of the Democratic Party, you'd think we'd been in the wilderness for decades. You wouldn't think we were three months past a successful, two-term Democratic presidency.

Where is the deservedly proud boasting about his accomplishments? Where are the (should be) incessant reminders of what a vastly superior administration he oversaw, compared to the current occupant of the Oval Office?

It seems a curious omission.

Until one considers the confounding decision among party leadership to elevate Bernie Sanders, who isn't even a Democrat and lost to Hillary Clinton in a primary, as the standard-bearer for the party, while treating Clinton, who beat Trump by 3 million votes in the general election, like she's radioactive.

Obama has become very inconvenient for a lot of Democrats. Because we all know Clinton was going to be a president very much like he was—and if they say anything positive about him or his presidency, it exposes that the primary objection to Clinton wasn't. fucking. policy.

They're effectively disowning the nation's first Black president in order to conceal their misogyny toward the party's first woman nominee.

And still they wonder why some of us are getting itchy about the direction the party seems to be headed. Ahem.

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