Donald Trump Is Terrible: An Ongoing Series

Today, there is a "jungle-style" (all-party) Congressional primary in Georgia, in which the Democrats are aiming for an upset. If you haven't been following the goings-on, ABC News has [video may autoplay] a good summary.

Last night, Donald Trump tweeted:

Setting aside the fact that his typically atrocious grammar suggests "lower safety," which he clearly didn't mean...

What he almost certainly meant to convey is that the Republican Party keeps people safe better than the Democratic Party, and not the more sinister potential interpretation, which is that people who don't vote Republican risk their personal safety under his regime.

But even the former, more generous interpretation is bad enough.

Candidates make this sort of argument all the time: My party is the party that will best protect you. But the president occupies a different role. Different, even, than presidential candidates. Because the office itself demands different behavior.

Trump doesn't care. His ruthless partisanship and talk of his "enemies" from his Twitter platform is incredibly inappropriate. It is divisive, and hastens the erosion of anything resembling national unity. Which, ironically, makes us less safe.

Like everything else he does.

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