Healthcare Bill Open Thread

Well, this is it. They're starting the vote, with the outcome not at all certain. As they take the vote, the latest Quinnipiac poll stands at 56 percent of respondents disapproving of the GOP plan, 26 percent unsure, and only 17 percent approving of the plan.

There is no question that the Republican House majority is not acting according to the will or the best interests of We the People.

Here is a thread for discussion, as it unfolds.

UPDATE: They pulled the bill. No vote.

UPDATE 2: Speaker Paul Ryan is now making a statement. "Moving from an opposition party to a governing party comes with growing pains. And we're feeling those growing pains today." Good grief.

If you're wondering if he's still trashing the Affordable Care Act, even after this shitshow, the answer is obviously yes.

UPDATE 3: Trump blames Democrats (sure), but he's relieved it's over.

No stamina. Sad!

Gonna be a long four years, bub, if you think this constituted an exhausting battle. JFC.

UPDATE 4: Ryan: "We're going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future." He and I have very different feelings about that statement.

UPDATE 5: This is a victory for today. The Republicans aren't going to drop the fight to repeal the Affordable Care Act, no matter how futile that fight may be, and they will, in the interim, do everything they can (especially via the Department of Health and Human Services) to subvert the protections of the ACA.

So we have only but a moment to celebrate. And I will use that moment to suggest we all laugh very hard at this.

We're gonna win with healthcare, and for our veterans! We're gonna win with every single facet! We're gonna win so much, you may even get tired of winning! And you'll say: "Please, please, it's too much winning! We can't take it anymore! Mr. President, it's too much!" And I'll say: "No it isn't! We have to keep winning! We have to win MORE! We're gonna win more!"

And now, back to the resistance.

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