On the White Supremacist Presidential Docket

[Content Note: Authoritarianism; white supremacy.]

Last night and this morning, Donald Trump tweeted these four things, as news also emerged that he would be signing an executive order today making good, as least partially, on his threat of a Muslim ban:

So: 1. An attack on Muslims, still yet to be determined. 2. The threat of martial law in Chicago, which he has long talked about in thinly veiled racist terms. 3. Building a border wall along the Mexican border, the justification for which was right in his presidential announcement address, when he called undocumented Mexican immigrants "rapists." 4. An unjustifiable waste of taxpayer money for a "voter fraud" investigation, despite the fact that experts have routinely found no evidence of voter fraud in the U.S., in order to rationalize restrictions on voting rights, which always target Black voters in particular.

This is a brazenly white supremacist agenda. Which, of course, should not come as any surprise, given that Trump's entrance onto the national political stage was his disgusting, racist birther campaign against President Obama; that his entire adult life has been an exercise in leveraging and empowering white supremacy; that he hired Breitbart's Steve Bannon to run his campaign and then serve as his chief strategist in the White House; that his Cabinet is full of people with ties to white supremacy; and that his National Security Advisor has openly met with white supremacists at Trump Tower.

Obviously, it's deeply uncharitable to suggest that an enormous number of Trump voters supported him because of racism. We are supposed to say it was "economic anxiety," as though that is somehow distinct from racism for lots of white people, and as though it doesn't matter that the median income of Trump primary supporters was $72,000.

But it's abundantly clear that Donald Trump knows why people voted for him, as he busily stocks his administration with billionaires and bankers who will gut financial regulations and labor laws. They voted for him because of racial resentments, and he is delivering on that 100%.

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