This Is Very Troubling

This is extraordinary on a number of levels, not least of which is that Trump's kids will still be running his business.

And, on a side note, even a blind trust wouldn't solve the massive conflict of interest problem, because Trump's portfolio of equity and assets isn't a bunch of diversified investments, but mostly his own real estate property and product lines. Even if it were all dumped into a blind trust, he'd still know where he owned hotels, golf resorts, etc. and where his apparel etc. are manufactured. The only solution to this humongous conflict of interest is complete divestment, which has never been on the table.


It's deeply concerning that Trump would even be asking for top secret security clearances for his children, given the provisions against nepotism in the White House. Especially because there's zero chance he'll abide by existing regulations and norms.

So his kids will be running his private business while also privy to the nation's most sensitive classified information.

This is a major security concern.

It is also, to be totally blunt, a feature of despotism.

And, once again, I'll wonder aloud why it is that this nation's power brokers are taking the position that we must give Trump a chance.

Or, you know, than in Hillary Clinton's entire career. Which you wouldn't know, given the election coverage. During which the media reported endlessly about appearances of conflict regarding the Clinton Foundation, while lazily ignoring the glaringly obvious actual conflicts of interest awaiting Trump if he reached the Oval Office.

Which he will. Since no one with any power seems concerned with raising any of the number of disqualifying issues that have emerged even in the last week.

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