The President-Elect's Cabinet

As part of his transition, the president-elect will be starting to select people to fill his cabinet. And, as you'd imagine, the possibilities are terrifying.

A new report suggests, for example, that Rudy Giuliani, who was being floated for Attorney General, is now being considered for Secretary of State. The other name being floated for State is Newt Gingrich.

Utterly appalling.

Here are a couple of articles on the other names being floated for various cabinet positions: [CN: disablist language] Tim Murphy at Mother Jones: "Trump's Cabinet Is Going to Be as [Indecent] as You Thought," and Nancy Cook and Andrew Restuccia at Politico: "Meet Trump's Cabinet-in-Waiting."

And then there is this:

I said from the very beginning of this campaign that part of assessing candidates is looking at their campaigns to see who might end up in the White House.

In the president-elect's case, he surrounded himself with nightmare dregs of conservatism and was repudiated by the intellectual wing of conservatism—economists, intelligence officers, military strategists. I fundamentally disagree with those folks, but I also respect the fact that they're career bureaucrats who don't want to destroy our democracy. And when they rejected the president-elect, that mattered.

He's picking people based on fealty and surrounding himself with dangerous sycophants who will absolutely not keep him in check.

Many of the people who voted for him had this bullshit fantasy that, even though he's clearly erratic and unprepared, he'd "surround himself with smart people." No, he won't. And he was never going to.

That was manifestly obvious. And anyone who ever believed otherwise was catastrophically misinformed or deluding themselves. Or both.

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