On the Agenda So Far

[Content Note: Privilege; classism.]

1. Dismantle net neutrality.

2. Reverse course on climate change.

3. Lower taxes.

4. "Phase out Medicare and replace it with private insurance for retirees." And disabled people.

They're not just going to roll back progress of the last eight years. They're going to roll back everything since the New Deal.

And who's going to stop them? I keep seeing people talking about "checks and balances," but we are on Day Three and those are already a quaint relic of the past.

This is what happens when people demonize "the establishment" with broad strokes, suggesting that the entire system is irredeemably corrupt. The door is opened for someone who has no interest in fixing the pieces that are broken, but instead wants to demolish the entire thing and erect his own ego in its place.

If anyone who wanted "change" because "the establishment" had been "corrupted" by "elites" thinks that Trump's plan to stack the deck with a bunch of authoritarian millionaires and billionaires just like him looks like an improvement on the admittedly flawed system we already had, what they wanted wasn't change but a doubling-down on everything they claimed to despise.

And by the time Trump is done, their sniveling worries about brown people and uppity ladies and kissing boys will pale in comparison to the shit their dear leader gives them to deal with.

Unfortunately, we'll all be dealing with it, too.

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