She Is...The One!

I've got a new post at Shareblue about how Team Trump flinging themselves and their stupid scandalmongering at Hillary Clinton reminds me of nothing so much as the Burly Brawl from the Matrix trilogy:
Just a seemingly infinite stream of Agent Smiths — indistinguishable from one another; identical in both visage and mission; single-mindedly bent on destruction — coming at Neo from all directions.

Trying every conceivable fight strategy, from every possible angle, they throw themselves at him and are rebuffed, flung to one side or up into the air like so many insubstantial pests.

"More" are called, and more are batted away. They pile on top of Neo, and he rises, his strength hurling them like ragdolls.

When I see Giuliani sputtering incoherently during an interview, or watch Paul Ryan awkwardly try to straddle supporting Trump and distancing himself from him, or imagine how deeply Ted Cruz must regret finally endorsing Trump mere days before the Billy Bush tape surfaced, I cannot help but picture a pile of toppled Agent Smiths, lying in the dust, defeated.

Unlike the infinitely replicating Agent Smiths, though, Trump's surrogates won't be able to spontaneously regenerate their reputations, for whatever they were worth in the first place.
There is much more at the link, including some of my fine, fine Photoshopping skillz, lol!

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