Open Thread: Presidential Debate #2

images from first debate featuring Donald Trump looking troubled and Hillary Clinton throwing her head back and laughing, labeled: 'Lady and the Trump: Nightmare Debatescape 2016!!!'

Well, tonight is the night! The second presidential debate between the most qualified presidential candidate in the nation's history and the most unqualified presidential candidate in the nation's history. A history-making candidate and a legendary bigot. The first woman to inhabit this space and the galaxy's biggest misogynist.


[Content Note: Sexual assault] Obviously there's been a big game-changer over the past couple of days, with the release of the Trump Tape, in which he brags about sexually assaulting women. I've been doing a lot of tweeting about that since Friday night, and I've Storified all those tweets, if you'd like to read them. There's a fair bit about Mike Pence, too, since the GOP thinks they can get away with just jumping on the Pence train, as if he's not just as bad (and, in some ways, worse) than Donald Trump.

Here's a thing I wrote which you may want to read and share on that subject: "Mike Pence co-sponsored legislation that limited the definition of rape."

Despite calls for Trump to drop out, he is (predictably) remaining defiant:

This is a thing of beauty. (And I will deeply enjoy this moment, even as I am painfully aware that, with a month left, there is yet still time for things to change.) Undoubtedly, Hillary Clinton's team still has more oppo to release on Trump. She has been spectacular at biding her time, and the strategy has been amazing. The patience! She doesn't just want to defeat Trump; she wants to take down the entire Republican Party.

If you go after Hillary Clinton for three decades, you'd better make damn sure you best her. Because, if not, she'll blow your entire shit up.

Anyway! Here's an open thread to discuss the debate—before, during, and after. I'll just be over here, biting my nails.

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