Math Is Hard

[Content Note: Misogyny; racism.]

'Women for Trump' signs! I love this. [crowd cheers] Women for Trump! I don't get these polls. Every place I go, I see hundreds of women for Trump, and then I see a poll: "He is not doing well with women." I don't know; I don't know.

You know, my daughter Ivanka—she wants child care and senior care...all of 'em! But you know women want safety for our country. They want a strong military; they don't want crime in their cities; they wanna be protected by law and order—they want law and order!

The women in this country want what I'm saying!

And we are really—I think we're saying it very strong. So, to the African Americans, I say: I will fix it. To the Hispanic Americans, I say: I will fix it. I will fight for you harder than anybody has ever fought for you! That's all of you! That's all of you! That's everyone.
Okay. 1. Bullshit. The only person Donald Trump fights for is Donald Trump. 2. Trump is the most aggressive monolithizer of people I believe I've ever encountered in national politics, which is really saying something. 3. Math is hard. Even if Trump is indeed seeing "hundreds of women" with Trump signs at his rallies, there are 125 million adult women or so in the United States, so.

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