Presidential Debate #1 Wrap-Up

Well. She mopped the floor with him. I don't really have much more to say besides that. I did some tweeting during the debate, and I've Storified those tweets for anyone who wants to read them. But basically, it comes down to this:

Lester Holt did a good job of generally just staying out of the way and being a traffic cop and letting the candidates be themselves, which is what a moderator should do. People may feel like he could have done more instant fact-checking, or held the candidates more firmly to their allotted time, or whatever, but, for me, I thought he found a decent balance of asserting himself without inserting himself. Which allowed viewers to get very clear pictures of who each of these candidates are as people.

And that certainly didn't do Trump any favors.

Congratulations, Hillary Clinton. You were carrying a lot on your shoulders; being the first woman in the nation's history in this position, being the standard bearer for women and the envoy of millions of people's hopes to stop Trump. That was a hell of a lot of pressure, and, as always, you rose you to the occasion. Wow. And thank you.

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