Hillary Clinton posted this video yesterday:

Video Description: Nyle DiMarco, a 27-year-old thin white man, who is a model, actor, and deaf activist, stands onscreen looking into the camera. He begins to speak in American Sign Language, and captions appear at the bottom of the frame. He signs: "You can leave this ad muted—there's nothing to hear. And keep scrolling past it if you want; we're used to being ignored. But if you're still listening to my voice, please know that there are a lot of people out there without one. Among the 50 million Americans living with a disability, many don't have the ability to work, to travel, or to do countless other things you might take for granted. So this November, please consider voting for the only candidate with a plan to change that." He gestures beside him, and a graphic showing the URL to Hillary's voting page appears. He then continues signing: "Because the voice of your vote is the greatest voice we have. Thank you." Kissy emoji. He blows a kiss.
As I mentioned yesterday, today Clinton will deliver an economic address in Orlando that will include reforms to make the US economy one that "welcomes people with disabilities, values their work, rewards them fairly, and treats them with respect."

I'm already seeing bullshit frames in the media that essentially boil down to: "She's doing this because Trump mocked that reporter." I can't stress enough that Clinton did not suddenly develop an interest in disability rights after seeing Donald Trump mock a reporter. That's certainly yet another cool way of implying she's a cynical opportunist who will do anything to win and doesn't actually care about people, though!

Clinton has a long history of disability rights work, starting as a young attorney advocating for disabled children to have access to an equal education. And she has continued that work throughout her career.

This is who Hillary Clinton is. And, frankly, given the possible outcomes of this election, anyone who has endeavored to conceal that has done something I find unforgivable.

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