Donald Trump: Failed Businessman

On Friday night, the Shareblue team debuted a new video, highlighting Donald Trump's ginormous failure as a businessman, despite his claims to the contrary. It has already been viewed more than 2 million times (and counting):

Video Description: Video clip of Donald Trump saying: "I'm really a good businessman. I'm so good at business."

Text onscreen over old footage of Trump: "FALSE. Over four decades, Donald Trump dramatically underperformed the market. Thanks to his family's wealth and connections, Trump was reportedly worth $100 million in 1978. Had he simply placed his money in a mutual fund and reinvested the dividends, he'd be worth billions more than he is today."

Text onscreen over footage of Trump making ridiculous expressions: "How bad is Trump at business?"

Text onscreen over footage of the Trump Taj Mahal: "Six of his hotels and casinos have filed for bankruptcy. BANKRUPT."

Video clip of Donald Trump saying: "It's a great time to start a mortgage company." Text onscreen: "Trump Mortgage FAILED. Closed in 18 months."

Video clip of Mitt Romney asking: "And whatever happened to Trump Airlines?" Text onscreen: "Trump Airlines FAILED. Trump defaulted on a $245 million loan and surrendered ownership."

Video clip of a TV ad for a Trump board game, featuring Trump saying, "My new game is Trump: The Game." Text onscreen: "Trump: The Game FAILED. Discontinued after sales were 60% lower than expected."

Video clip of Trump in a pitch for Trump Steaks saying: "I've just raised the stakes." Text onscreen: Trump Steaks FAILED. Pulled from shelves after two months."

Text onscreen over an image of Trump holding a bottle of Trump Vodka: "Trump Vodka FAILED. Production stopped after it failed to meet distribution requirements." Clip of a black man and a white woman trying Trump Vodka and gagging.

Video clip of Trump saying: "I've had many magazines." Text onscreen: "Trump Magazine FAILED. Publication stopped in its second year."

Text onscreen over image of Trump's travel website "Travel Website FAILED. Shut down within a year."

Video clip of a news story about Tour de Trump; in voiceover, a man says: "So while some of us think about buying a bike, Donald Trump has bought a bike race." Clip of Trump saying: "It can very much rival the Tour de France." Text onscreen: "Tour de Trump FAILED. Renamed after two years."

Video clip of Trump being interviewed about the USFL's New Jersey Generals: "It's gonna stay strong; gonna stay strong for a long time." Text onscreen: "USFL's New Jersey Generals FAILED. The league collapsed after taking Trump's business advice."

Video clip of Trump being interviewed about The Trump Network: "The Trump Network wants to give millions of people renewed hope, and with an exciting plan to opt out of the recession." Text onscreen: "Trump Network FAILED. This "multi-level marketing" project closed down in two years.

Text onscreen over image of Trump bottled water: "Trump Ice FAILED. Only available now on Trump properties."

Text onscreen: "It's no wonder he refuses to release his tax returns."
As I noted at Shareblue, Trump's "only asserted qualification for the U.S. presidency is that he's a successful businessman who will make 'the best deals.' But Trump's self-proclaimed business acumen is just another lie. The exposure of his grand fallacy leaves us with this: The Republican candidate has literally zero qualifications for the office he seeks."

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