Throwback Thursdays

image of a black and white yearbook photo of a group of high school kids, with all of them blurred out, except for me, in the front row, looking VERY '90s

A photo of the high school German Club. 1990. LOL. This photo is from the yearbook, and a friend sent it to me after my yearbooks got destroyed in a flood. (Sadface!) I was so happy to remember how SUPERCOOL I was in 1990! As were we all.

(Unless you weren't born yet, obvs.)

[Please share your own throwback pix in comments. Just make sure the pix are just of you and/or you have consent to post from other living people in the pic. And please note that they don't have to be pictures from childhood, especially since childhood pix might be difficult for people who come from abusive backgrounds or have transitioned or lots of other reasons. It can be a picture from last week, if that's what works for you. And of course no one should feel obliged to share a picture at all! Only if it's fun!]

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