"“This is a moment of reckoning for all of us."

[Content Note: Racism.]

Last Thursday, Hillary Clinton gave a powerful address detailing Donald Trump's ties to white nationalism and urging us to believe him when he shows us that this is who he really is. It was an incredibly important speech, so, in case you missed it, video and a link to the transcript are below.

[Complete transcript.]

I also wrote about the address for BNR: "Hillary Clinton Delivers the Speech of the Campaign on Trump's White Nationalism."
Hillary's transfixing speech was among the best of modern political speeches. It was not a fiery speech, although she showed flashes of welcome anger about the direction in which Trump is trying to lead this nation. Her steady, quiet delivery befitted the grave content of her message: We have a choice to make, and it is not just between two candidates, but about what we want our country to be.

...This was Hillary Clinton as president. There is a threat to our nation and she gave a state address to name it, to condemn it, to tell us she's got it, and urge us to step up to defeat it.

..."The hard truth is," said Hillary, "there's no other Donald Trump. This is it." She quoted Maya Angelou: "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." Trump, she said, "has shown us exactly who he is. We should believe him."

She's right. He has.

And Hillary has shown us exactly who she is, too.
Giving this speech, Clinton showed (again) precisely why she's survived decades of attacks from both Republicans and the media: Because she is simply not the caricature they've drawn. And who she really is, is frankly better than most of them.

She gave the speech that Republicans should have been giving, and reporting the info the media should have been reporting.

Basically, she's not only doing her own job; she's also doing the job the GOP leadership should be doing and the job media should be doing.

No wonder they hate her. She censures their indecency sheerly by her own competence.

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