This is hardly surprising, but it's nonetheless overwhelmingly revolting:
Prospective donors are now having second thoughts about getting involved, while those who convinced themselves to get behind Trump, like [Stan Hubbard, a Minnesota-based top donor to a pro-Trump super PAC], are at their wits' end over the presidential nominee's behavior.

...Some donors who are eager to defeat Hillary Clinton say they have no choice but to back Trump even though they are losing their patience with the nominee. And Mica Mosbacher, a former national RNC finance co-chair who helped organize fundraisers for Trump in Texas last month, said frustration from donors won't necessarily affect their giving. "While donors don't always agree with his rhetoric, Trump reflects strength and represents a better economic future," she said.
Good grief. How about you just save the millions of dollars you have to spare funding the presidential campaign of a white nationalist authoritarian wannabe despot and stick it in the bank, and I'm sure you'll be able to weather whatever NIGHTMARE OF SOCIALISM you imagine Clinton will be passing that might slightly increase your taxes.

For fuck's sake.

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