Why I'm Still Angry About the "Low Enthusiasm" for Hillary Clinton Narrative

[Content Note: Misogyny; racism.]

Because it just. won't. die.

[Note: The embedded Storify was doing weird things to the page, so I've replaced it below with just a link instead.]

The Lumbering Zombie That Is the "Low Enthusiasm" for Hillary Narrative.

I've said it once, or a hundred times, before and now I'll say it again:

Clinton's base of supporters is largely comprised of people of color, white women, LGBTx people, Latinx immigrants, and other marginalized groups.

To consistently disappear us—and our enthusiasm—in service to a narrative that is patently false is some hot garbage.

And it would be bad enough if it was just being done to try to discredit a historic female candidate, but it is being done to try to discredit her in the middle of an election in which her only meaningful competitor is a white supremacist authoritarian patriarch who unapologetically disgorges every shade of bigotry as the centerpiece of his campaign. A person who actively and expressly wants to make our lives worse.

I am filthy angry at the journalists who keep peddling this shit like it's a joke, or like it doesn't matter.

I see you.

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