Well Played, John Kerry!

This was a couple of days ago, and I meant to post it when it first happened, and then it fell completely out of my head. I was going to share it because it's funny, and it is, but what reminded me about it was Donald Trump's terrifying lack of foreign policy knowledge and diplomatic skills.

Yes, John Kerry is quick here, and it's delightfully humorous, but it's also indicative of how good diplomacy works. He knew how to make light of an awkward situation with one of our most important allies. Trump would not know how to do this. Whoever he would choose to run his State Department would not know how to do this. And that matters.

Anyway. Here's the video, with transcript below.

[Scene: A joint press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry and new UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who has made a number of egregious comments about President Obama and Hillary Clinton.]

Kerry: —and talk to me about some great experiences that they had together there, and he told me that this man [gestures to Johnson] is a very smart and capable man. That's Boris Johnson.

Johnson: [stammers; the reporters laugh]

Kerry: I have met— And that's the Boris Johnson that I intend to, ah, work with, and we intend to make good things happen together.

Johnson: [stammers] Stop that. [laughter] That's great. Thank you.

Kerry: [leaning over toward Johnson and nudging his arm] It's called diplomacy, Boris. [laughter]

Johnson: That's fantastic. It's going well, John. Thank you very much, cheers. [Kerry laughs] I think we got through that one all right.

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