Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton

Last night, on Rachel Maddow's show, Senator Elizabeth Warren endorsed Hillary Clinton. And what an endorsement it was!
I think that it's clear now that we need to start thinking about all of us together, and we need to think about the difference between us and the Republicans. That's, for me, what the heart of this is about.

But, you know, I want to add another part to this, because I think it really matters. I like our talking back and forth, but I just want to be sure I get this on the table, and get it on the table early.

Hillary Clinton won. And she won because she's a fighter, she's out there, she's tough. And I think this is what we need.

Look at who she is: For 25 years, she's been taking the incomings, right? The right wing has thrown everything they possibly can at her. And what does she do? A lot of people would just hang up their spurs. They'd say, "You know, I've had enough of this." And she doesn't.

What she's done is she gets back up and she gets back in the fight.

As a Democrat, one of the things that frustrates me the most is there are a lot of times we just don't get in the fight. …You ought to be willing to throw a punch. And there are a lot of things that people say about Hillary Clinton. But nobody says that she doesn't know how to throw a punch.
(Video here.)

YES! She also said: "I think having a fighter in the lead, a female fighter in the lead, is exactly what this country needs." Hey, me too!

Her endorsement, by the way, followed a barnstormer of a speech in which she laid waste to Donald Trump yet again. On the same day Vice President Joe Biden also delivered "a blistering appraisal of Donald Trump's unprecedented attacks on the judge presiding over his Trump University case."

I hope when Republicans hear Warren's scathing indictment of Trump, and her fiery endorsement of Clinton, they remember that she was on their team not so very long ago. And they lost her.


On another note: Remember how many millions of times some misogynist Bernie harasser in comments here, and everywhere else, and all over social media, claimed that they definitely weren't misogynists because they totes love Elizabeth Warren? And remember how I was all "I bet Senator Elizabeth Warren loves having her name chanted like an incantation by misogynists as proof that they aren't misogynists" and all "Women are always more 'likeable' until they decide to take up more space" and, about a zillion different times in comments, all you only like her in the abstract but as soon as she were running or does something you don't like...

Well, go read the replies to any tweet about Warren endorsing Clinton or the comments on any article about it, and witness the breathtaking misogyny being unleashed at her because she's a "sell-out" and a "traitor." For being a liberal Democratic senator endorsing a liberal Democratic presidential candidate.

And, presumably, for stealing their precious token away from misogynists by actually having the nerve to demonstrate her agency and humanity. By being more than a female name.

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