Elections Matter

[Content Note: Anti-immigrationism; white supremacy.]

I've got two new pieces up at BNR, both broadly on the subject of why elections are so important.

First: A piece about the SCOTUS non-decision on immigration yesterday, which was the result of a tie caused by the Supreme Court vacancy, which itself persists because of Republican obstructionism on Merrick Garland's nomination to the Court:
As noted by SCOTUSblog: This case will be appealed, which means that the President's immigration policy "will be revived if Clinton wins and a democratic nominee provides a 5th vote."

Naturally, we know what will happen if Donald Trump is elected and instead nominates to the Supreme Court whatever nightmare of jurisprudence he unearths from the bowels of Liberty University Law School.

This is a case with potentially life-or-death consequences for scores of undocumented immigrants. It is a case, as the President observed, about the kind of country we want to be.

Donald Trump wants to build a wall. House Republicans merely want to erect "high fencing." In any case, the Republican position on immigration is to build barriers, while the Democratic position — as repeatedly stated by Hillary — is to tear them down.
There's much more at the link, including video of the President's statement on the SCOTUS tie, so head on over.

Second: A piece about Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's respective responses to Brexit:
Donald is once again reveling in volatility, as the Brexit vote causes turmoil in the UK and in the global markets. Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned, Scotland's second independence referendum will almost certainly be accelerated, and the global economy has been thrown into crisis — and he's thrilled about all of it, calling Brexit a "great thing."

...Meanwhile, Hillary has released a statement expressing concern for working people and the effect this sort of volatility and turmoil may have on their lives.

"This time of uncertainty only underscores the need for calm, steady, experienced leadership in the White House."

Truer words never spoken.

We do not need a leader who feasts on volatility with zero regard for the resulting instability and the tumult it wreaks in the lives of the most vulnerable people.

To the absolute contrary, we need a leader who sees the havoc that wildly fluctuating markets, leadership voids, empowerment of white nationalism, and the potential crumbling of a major global alliance will cause on average people if calm is not restored.
As always, there's more at the link.

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