I've got a new piece up at BNR about a remarkable new poll out of Florida's Miami-Dade County which finds Hillary Clinton drawing support from 20% of Republican voters in the likely presidential match-up between her and Donald Trump:
Not only are one-fifth of Republican voters prepared to support Hillary, but she’s taking so much support that Donald Trump now does not have majority Republican support in Miami-Dade. Only 48% of respondents indicated support for Trump, while nearly a third remain undecided.

...Anthony Reed of BNR's Benchmark Politics provides a statistical analysis, comparing the support Hillary is currently getting in Miami-Dade to what President Obama drew in 2008 election, to determine whether these numbers are significant.

Comparing Hillary's numbers (at this point) to then-candidate Barack Obama's in 2008, she has 1% greater support from Republicans than he did on Election Day. (During Obama's reelection, that number declined, as would be expected for a sitting Democratic president.)

Hillary's numbers may change before the election. But it's entirely possible, given Miami-Dade's large Latinx population and the high percentage of undecided voters, that her support among Republican voters will improve.
Naturally, she's got commanding support among Democrats, even having not yet officially secured her party's nomination.

Blah blah election between two super unpopular candidates! Sure. Except, somehow, she's winning with her party and commanding an extraordinary level of support from the opposing party.

Maybe that's because Clinton is "unpopular" because of bullshit, while Trump is "unpopular" because he is a terrible human being who is liked less by women "than cockroaches, lice, traffic jams, and root canals." Just a thought!

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