Wow. WOW.

So, Bernie Sanders gave an interview to Rolling Stone, and you should definitely read the whole thing, because it's pretty incredible in a bunch of different ways! Like, for instance, what a jerk he is to reporter Tim Dickinson, telling him his questions are "absurd" and "dumb." Or, for another instance, how he says that he pities "in a sense" Hillary Clinton. Cool.

But probably the most incredible part is how he says that he hasn't figured out how to be president, because he's too busy running for president.

No, really.
When reporter Tim Dickinson asks Bernie about his widely-criticized failure to offer "more specifics behind what the political revolution means as a form of governing," Bernie gets very testy with him, but Dickinson presses on, asking how, for example, "you get something like public-college-for-all passed with Paul Ryan as your counterpart."

Bernie replies that he's aware Ryan won't merely step aside and capitulate; that it's going to take a huge effort to convince an obstructionist Congress to pass his agenda. And then comes this: "Now, is it easy to do? No. How do you do it? It's a good question. And the truth is, right now I'm a bit busy running for president to have figured that out, other than to tell you that it requires a mass-based political effort bringing millions of people together to stand up and fight back."
I've got a piece about this at BNR, with way more.

Honestly, y'all. I would be so embarrassed if I were supporting a presidential candidate who said that.


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