Quote of the Day

"You don't change Donald Trump."—Trump campaign chair and chief strategist Paul Manafort, explaining in a remarkably awful interview how Trump is gonna win by being maximum Trump. Because he appeals to strongly to white men, and "while we are behind among women over all, we're ahead among white women even now. We'll get some black and Hispanic women as we go along." Cool cool cool.

It was a tough call on my favorite, ahem, quote between that one and this one:
Trump doesn't read briefing papers, but he is a magnet for information, Manafort said. "He reads the newspapers, and he talks on the phone and to office visitors in a never-ending stream. You're sitting there in his office and you realize that he is constantly picking up stuff as he goes."
Yeah, well, so does a Roomba. That doesn't mean I'm gonna vote for one for president.

What an amazing specimen Donald Trump is! He just collects information and the votes of women of color like magic, through the sheer force of his own magnetism. Neat.

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