Lowlife, Huh?

[Content Note: Bullying.]

In his latest tirade about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump called her a "lowlife," and naturally I had some thoughts about that:
If Hillary is a lowlife, I can't imagine what that makes the rest of us women by Donald's calculations.

Haha—just kidding! Of course I can imagine what that makes the rest of us. We are things.

I guess he hasn't gotten around to watching Mad Max: Fury Road yet. Or else he'd know WE ARE NOT THINGS.
As always, there's more at the link.

I swear to the fates that Trump is just begging for women to show up en masse on Election Day to defeat him in the most spectacular fashion.

The dude does not know how to compete against a woman. He does not know how to receive criticism from a woman. He does not know how to deal with even the possibility of a woman besting him, or having control over him.

He is deeply fearful of women, and, like most profound fears, that fear manifests as hatred. He constantly lashes out at women in the most despicable ways, and thinks that somehow that strategy is going to endear him to an electorate that is more than 50% women.

Well. I guess he's going to get a lesson in what relentlessly insulting women gets you, come the eighth of November.

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