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Woman Who Built Trump Tower Says She's Backing Clinton over Trump:
The woman who headed up the construction of Trump Tower in New York says she's supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Barbara Res, who worked for Trump from 1978 to 1996 and was put in charge of construction at Trump Tower in the early 1980s, said on the Irish program RT1 on Tuesday that she's all in for Clinton.

"Oh absolutely not, I'm a Hillary gal," Res said when asked if she is supporting Trump.

..."What won't go away is that the people that don't like Trump really don't like him," she said. "He's got a lot of supporters but he's got more, more, more detractors and I don't think — he's never been in politics before. He has no executive experience. I mean, his candidacy is unheard of. It's testimony to his being able to promote himself that he’s gotten as far as he has."

"So I think it's a Clinton victory," Res said.
From your lips to Maude's ears, Barbara Res!

This bit, in particular, is so insightful: "People [who] don't like Trump really don't like him." Absolutely. And while the same thing could be said about Hillary Clinton, the reasons that people "really don't like" Hillary Clinton are frequently based on easily disprovable bullshit, while the reasons that people "really don't like" Donald Trump are virtually always based on demonstrably true things about him. The very things that he uses as selling points for his candidacy.

I mean, I've got a seething mass of dipshits up in my mentions telling me that Clinton is "under indictment." No, no she is not. And, at a certain point, that sort of garbage will, to a large extent, fall away. Because it really isn't true.

But Trump is always and forever going to be an incompetent bully who trades in bigotry. It's his central pitch. If anything, the things people hate about Trump are precisely the things that he himself will amplify during the general election.

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