I Write Letters

[Content Note: Bigotry; violence.]

Dear Elected Republicans:

I've been watching with horror the line-up of those among your ranks who have decided that it's best to support Donald Trump in order to stop Hillary Clinton.

Really? You're really comfortable with supporting a reckless, dangerous, erratic, incompetent bigot who has no compunction about blowing up the world with nukes, if it means stopping Clinton from giving people healthcare? Or whatever it is you're so afraid she'll do?

Have you no sense of self-preservation?

Your level of capitulation to Trump is just revolting. He is dangerous. How can you not care? HOW CAN YOU NOT CARE?

What I find absolutely gobsmacking is that many of you know Clinton personally. You've worked with her. You know she isn't reckless. You know she puts the country first. You know that she is not the monster that the most odious swaths of your base say that she is. You know that she is sensible and prepared and would make a very good president, even if you disagree with some of her policies.

Why are you pretending like she is a bigger risk to the future of this country than Donald Trump?!

Because your base likes him? Well, frankly, you should be decent enough to tell your base that a vote for Trump is a bad idea.


If you're the patriots you claim, risk reelection on stopping this guy. If for no other reason than because it's fairly shortsighted to prioritize your reelection over the safety of the nation to whose government you want to get reelected. If he destroys our Democracy, or the whole fucking planet, prioritizing your jobs will have been pretty silly, won't it?

I've literally never had a lower opinion of you than I have now, watching you get in line behind a candidate you know is reckless. It's beyond the most craven political expediency and self-interest. It is an unfathomably selfish miscalculation to support Trump.

And I don't have the luxury of waiting for history to judge you as the cowards you're being.

I want the present to judge you. Because by the time history judges you, it'll be too late.

Try doing the right thing, for once in your lives. For fuck's sake.

No Love,

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