Wisconsin Primary Wrap-Up

Congratulations to Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Ted Cruz for winning their parties' respective primaries in Wisconsin yesterday!

In keeping with their curious indifference to the history-making aspects of this election, most media outlets failed to acknowledge that Sanders is the first Jewish presidential candidate in the nation's history to win Wisconsin, and Cruz is the first Latino presidential candidate in the nation's history to win Wisconsin. That is no small thing. In fact, it is a big thing! A historical thing! Congratulations not only on your wins, but also on making history, Senators.

On the Republican side, it was a winner-take-all contest, so Cruz was awarded all 24 available delegates.

On the Democratic side, it was a proportional contest, so Sanders was awarded 47 pledged delegates, and Hillary Clinton was awarded 36 pledged delegates.

Cruz's win has made it that much more likely that none of the Republican candidates will reach the magical number of 1,237 delegates needed to outright win the nomination before the convention, but he still trails Donald Trump significantly. He's going to have to keep winning big in order to cause the brokered convention of everyone's nightmares.

Sanders' win was not significant enough that it upends the delegate math going forward. He'll still need to win by huge margins going forward in order to catch and surpass Clinton.

So, no cataclysmic changes out of Wisconsin.

Next up: The Democrats have a caucus in Wyoming on April 9, and then everyone heads to New York on April 19!

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