What Is Sanders Even Doing? Again.

Last night, each of the Democratic candidates did an individual town hall on MSNBC. Bernie Sanders met with Chris Hayes, and Hillary Clinton met with Rachel Maddow. During the Sanders town hall, an audience questioner asked Sanders if, should he lose the nomination, he will encourage his supporters to back Clinton.

And, of course, he refused. I've got a post at BNR with video and a transcript of his utterly contemptible response, along with some commentary about how unprecedented and reckless it was.

Incredibly, during Clinton's town hall, Maddow, taking as read Sanders' premise that Clinton needs to reach out to his voters (and the attendant premise that her platform doesn't address their concerns), asked Clinton if she's willing to embrace his recommendations to win his supporters.

Thankfully, Clinton responded beautifully to this garbage. Recalling the 2008 primary, when she quickly endorsed then-Senator Obama after losing the nomination, she said: "I did not put down conditions. I said I am supporting to Senator Obama, because whatever differences we had, they paled in comparison to the differences we have with Republicans. ...I spent an enormous amount of time convincing my supporters to support him."

When Maddow attempted to follow up with a question that treated her winning as a hypothetical, Clinton firmly replied: "I AM AHEAD. And let's start from that premise." Fucking right!

This is just absurd. The entire line of questioning is absurd. The fact that Sanders won't just plainly say he'll endorse Clinton is absurd. That he continues to reiterate the very attacks on her that misrepresent her experience and platform to justify not endorsing her is absurd. His insistence she needs to chase his supporters for their support is absurd. The media treating all of the above as legitimate is absurd.

Honestly, at this point, I see no evidence whatsoever that Sanders isn't just hoping to destroy the Democratic Party on his way out the door. And I am very angry about that.

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