We Are Builders

I've got a new essay up at Blue Nation Review, "Unite: A Message to Fellow Progressives Taking a Second Look at Hillary."
I have found throughout my life that my first impression of someone is rarely the same as my last impression of them.

This was my experience with Hillary Clinton, too.

I am now a fervent Hillary supporter—but I have not always been one. It was only after I spent time deep-diving into her background and career that I came to appreciate who she really is, and how vastly she diverges from the media caricature of her.

...It's funny how people disposed toward distrusting the establishment aren't more distrustful of the corporate media, which are about as establishment as it gets.

Because the media are doing them a grave disservice. As Hillary moves ever closer to the Democratic Party's nomination, many Bernie supporters will happily support Hillary. There will likely be a number of his supporters who are deeply grieving. Their hearts will be hurting because they'll believe there is no one who will represent their progressive values in the general election.

Some of them will begrudgingly support her, if only to stop whatever nightmare candidate the Republicans end up nominating, but it feels better to be enthusiastic for your candidate.

And if they take another look at her—if they can get past that first impression, past the funhouse mirror version of her that we're offered by the media, they might find someone they actually like—even if they still have policy disagreements with her.
I'm really proud of this one, and I hope you like it, too!

I don't know if it will actually help mend fences between relationships fractured during this primary, as I know a lot of people have experienced, but I did my best to try to write something that people could use to try, if they're so inclined.

Head on over to read the whole thing.

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