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We now interrupt our relentless schedule of election coverage and assorted misogynist fuckery to bring you this important reminder that David Beckham is everything:

Why should it be any different? They're both— You know, women's and men's tennis, they're both playing the same sport; they're both playing at the highest levels, so why not earn the same money when you win or when you make a final? You know, there's no reason why it should be any different. So, the girls have got a right to really speak up. And, you know, there's no one better than Serena [Williams] to stand up and to say what she's saying and to prove her point, because she's a true, true winner.
Now, y'all know I don't give cookies for basic decency, but I'm still really glad that he said this so unreservedly—and I love that he subtly snuck in there some perfect pushback against the implicit assertion threaded throughout these conversations that women don't have the right to demand equal pay.

Good job, Becks! A+

[H/T to Shane.]

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