Quote of the Day

[Content Note: War on agency; misogyny.]

"A lot of people thought my answer was excellent, by the way. There were a lot of people who thought that was a very good answer."—Republican front runner Donald Trump, bragging about how many people loved his comment to MSNBC's Chris Matthews that women should be punished for getting abortions if legal abortion were overturned.

By way of reminder: "Trump, who was once adamantly pro-choice, said on Wednesday that 'there has to be some form of punishment' for women who have abortions, only to claim later that day that he has never supported such a policy. Then, on Sunday, Trump declared that 'we have to leave' current abortion laws in place, only to be again contradicted by his own campaign."

NB: Not only women need access to abortion. Trump will, however, continue to talk exclusively about women, not only because he is only marginally aware, at best, about the existence of trans and genderqueer people, but also because I'm pretty sure talking about "punishing women" is absolutely irresistible to him, since he clearly hates and fears women.

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