Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Fat hatred; bullying; harassment; abuse.]

"It's astonishingly rare to see a thin person intervene in the kind of commonplace bullying of fat people that happens. Even rarer to see a non-fat person say something proactively about accepting fat people. I can understand why. Some think poor treatment of fat people is warranted: if fat people don't want to be shamed, rejected, excluded, they should just lose weight. Poor treatment is the price of admission for having the body you have. Others become uncomfortable when they see a type of behavior they wouldn't otherwise tolerate. They shrink back, feeling a knot in their stomach as they witness something harsh and unwarranted—something they wouldn't otherwise tolerate. And what would they even say? And who would back them up? It's unnerving to witness, and isolating to interrupt. But that isolation, dear friend, is where fat people live every day. When we decide to stand up for ourselves, we are deciding to go it alone."—Your Fat Friend, in an extraordinary piece, "A call to action: your fat friend is going it alone."

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