[Content Note: Regionalism; racism.]

Yesterday afternoon, Bernie Sanders surrogate and actor Tim Robbins introduced Sanders at an event in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and had this to say: "After the Southern primaries, you had called the election. But who's fooling who? Winning South Carolina in a Democratic primary is about as significant as winning Guam. [audience laughter] No Democrat is going to win in South Carolina in the general election. Why do these victories have so much significance?"

Oh, I don't know, Tim. Maybe because South Carolina's population isn't disproportionately white? Maybe because the Democratic Party means more to lots of progressive in Red States for lots of reasons? Maybe because the voters in a state like South Carolina look a lot like the Obama Coalition, which has delivered the last two presidential elections for the Democrats?

And, by the way, Guam ain't a fucking punchline, asshole. Guam matters, too.

People like Tim Robbins really need to venture outside of their liberal enclaves occasionally. It is embarrassing for them that they have not the faintest understanding that some of the most dedicated progressives live in red states.

As I have said many times before, the thing about being a progressive in any of the states that "no Democrat is going to win" in a presidential election is that extreme reactionary conservatism tends to create radical progressives.

It's no coincidence that reddy-red-red Indiana (except when it goes blue, ahem) has produced the likes of Kurt Vonnegut and Eugene Debs. Not to mention yours truly.

This is the kind of statement that "flyover" progressives don't forget.

In case you're wondering what Sanders has to say about his numerous celebrity surrogates saying shitty things lately, Jake Tapper asked him about that during the same interview I mentioned here. That was before Robbins' comment, and Tapper was specifically asking about Rosario Dawson's trash-talking Hillary Clinton, but here's what Sanders replied:
Hey, Jake, Jake, we have dozens of surrogates, and Rosario is doing a great job for us. She was with me in the South Bronx when we had 18,000 people coming out to start our campaign in New York.

We have many, many surrogates who say many, many things. Many of these surrogates do not agree with everything I say. And I do not agree with every approach and everything that they say. And that's the simple reality.

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