Enthusiasm Gap

[Content Note: Harassment.]

The alleged "enthusiasm gap" between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters is actually totally false, but it nonetheless persists as one of the media's favorite narratives.

This piece in Time today about millennial Clinton supporters, who say "they are often afraid to voice their thoughts" online in fear of backlash from peers who are Sanders supporters, suggests a key reason why this zombie narrative won't die.

There isn't as much visible support for Clinton, because people get bullied when they show it. Of course there are going to be fewer visible Clinton supporters when showing public support for her is an invitation to harassment.

This has long been an identifiable problem with a number of Sanders supporters. On a recent day when I tweeted something critical of their candidate, I had to block over 200 accounts. On a single day.

But Sanders said something about it once and never again. Which frankly makes me feel as though he said just enough so he couldn't be accused of not addressing it, but has stayed silent thereafter because he knows this harassment is benefitting him, as it makes Clinton supporters think twice before publicly supporting her.

And I find that pretty upsetting. If there is another reason he is keeping silent about the widespread harassment being done by a segment of his supporters, I'd love to hear what it is.

Even more, I'd love to hear him just tell them to knock it the fuck off. As many times as it needs to be said.

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