And Still She Perseveres

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Here's a thing I wrote for BNR about how Hillary Clinton is being attacked from all sides, with the collusion of the media:
Whether from the left or the right, from her opponents or the media, from Republican voters or Sanders supporters, the attacks all sound the same. And they are relentless.

It's no wonder her unfavorability ratings have increased.

In spite of it all, Hillary persists. She has racked up more pledged delegates and over 2 million more votes than Bernie. She is very likely to win the Democratic nomination and she is very likely to defeat whoever the Republicans run against her.

The majority of Democratic voters have not been fooled by this onslaught. They know the attacks are baseless—and many of them probably agree with CNN political commentator Errol Louis who said straightforwardly what very few media observers are willing to say: "a lot of this is sexism."

Many of us see through the charade, no matter how thick and pervasive it is.
Head on over to read the whole thing.

You know, the next time (five seconds or so from now) someone accuses me of shilling for Clinton, I'm just going to link to that piece and tell them I'm just trying to balance the scales.

Funny how it's only those of us who publicly support and defend her who get shit about being biased, and not the people who never have a single good thing to say about the person who's leading the Democratic nomination for the presidency and is further the first woman to have a real shot at the presidency.

She's winning and she's making national history. And yet if you like her, there can be no possible explanation for it except that you must be corrupt.

The only way to prove you're not corrupt is to talk about her instead like she's a worthless monster.


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