An Observation

I am deeply exhausted with any article the entire premise of which is "so-and-so industry donated to Hillary Clinton at this-or-that time blah blah fart," with ZERO cognizance of the reality that, yes, lots of corporations do lots of things in an attempt to curry favor and earn influence, but just because they try doesn't mean they actually succeed.

I mean, as all of us have seen happen in comments here numerous times, there are readers who get enraged when I actually expect them to follow the commenting guidelines and start screaming about how they've donated to Shakesville eeeeeee screech wingflap, and it's like, okay, but that doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you anymore. Lots of human beings think that money entitles them to special treatment, and make offerings with expectations of special treatment even when there has been no promise of special treatment.

Sometimes the people to whom they make them simply can't be bought. Shrug.

I guess this possibility doesn't occur to people who themselves either could totally be bought and/or don't give anything without conditions.

Insinuation isn't fact. Not being able to imagine someone who can't be bought doesn't mean those people don't exist. Just because there are people who make financial contributions with an aggressive sense of entitlement doesn't mean they actually get what they want.

Receipts or GTFO.

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