"Why don't they like you?"

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

I've got a new piece up at Blue Nation Review, on the cavernous difference between the funhouse mirror version of Hillary Clinton we're presented by the media, in contravention of all the evidence about who she really is, and the double-standard applied to making Hillary hateable while making Donald Trump more likeable than he actually is: "Why Hillary Hate Hurts Us All."
She is routinely called a liar, despite analyses of candidates' honesty that find her to be the most trustworthy. She is routinely called entitled, despite having worked diligently as First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the nation, Senator, Secretary of State, and two-time presidential candidate to earn her spot. She is routinely called cold, despite plethoric accounts from both constituents, people she's met on the campaign trail, and people who have worked with and for her about what a warm and considerate person she is. She is repeatedly called undeserving, despite reports from every part of her career that she is diligent, dedicated, and extremely hardworking.

What I am saying is that the negative caricature of Hillary Clinton has no discernible basis in reality.

Certainly less than the positive caricature of her presumptive rival in the general election, Donald Trump—who is continually misrepresented as a successful businessman (in spite of numerous business failures and frauds), a guy who "tells it like it is" (in spite of his demonstrable dishonesty), a hilarious bit of entertainment (in spite of his dangerous, harmful rhetoric).

That Hillary, who has dedicated her life to public service with an insatiable intellectual curiosity and personal commitment which have engendered infamous loyalty, would be caricatured as a figure deserving of opprobrium, while Trump, who has dedicated his life to avarice, exploitation, and bigotry, would be caricatured as a swell guy, is intolerable.
Read the rest at BNR.

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